The dissertation presentation

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The dissertation presentation

The dissertation presentation is an appropriate addition to the report on defense. When preparing them, it is important not to repeat the mistakes that many applicants make. It is important for the applicant not only to write a high-quality paper, to arrange his work correctly but also to skillfully submit it, that is, to prepare a spectacular dissertation presentation. It is necessary to begin preparation with the definition of the target audience: to whom your dissertation presentation PowerPoint is addressed. Its content, form, and duration largely depend on this.

It is important for the applicant not only to write a high-quality paper, to arrange his work correctly but also to skillfully submit it, that is, to prepare a spectacular dissertation presentation. It is necessary to begin preparation with the definition of the target audience: to whom your presentation is addressed. Its content, form, and duration largely depend on this.

The accompanying presentation of the dissertation is usually prepared for her defense. Many applicants here are trying very hard and, as they say, put their whole soul into this business in order to impress those present. There is a myth among graduate students that the grander the dissertation presentation is, the higher the dissertation council will rate it.

Do not be so zealous: a doctoral degree for this is still not awarded. The presentation should be prepared at a decent level but without excesses. All sorts of “super special effects” and too long a presentation give the opposite result to the expected: they do not have, but tire members of the dissertation council. One should not forget that many members of the dissertation council are people in old age, and not accustomed to interactive presentations. Therefore, it is not necessary to invest all your soul in the “show”, but rather concentrate on the report and repetition of the material. Believe me, the benefits of this for the applicant will be much greater.

The impressive volume of audiovisual material, especially of a scientific nature, will in itself be difficult to perceive, so spare your viewers and listeners and do not load them with redundant information in your dissertation PowerPoint. For the presentation of the thesis should not prepare more than 10 slides and posters, as well as the use of too bright colors. It is better to proceed from the rule that the dissertation complements what you tell the audience about your work. The worst option is when the applicant simply reads the text on the slides, without telling anything “from himself” and without answering questions.

Title page of the research paper

On the title page of a research paper, we will look at how to properly form the title page of the research work (project), we will give a sample, norms, and recommendations for the design of the title page of the project.

The title page of the research paper or project is drawn up on an A4 paper sheet and is the first page of the student’s project work.


left margin – 20 mm

right – 10 mm

top and bottom – 15 mm each

Line spacing – 1.5 (one and a half).

The title page is not numbered!

The full name of the educational institution is written in the upper field of the title page of the research work (font size is 16 pt.).

In the middle of the sheet is written without quotes “Research work” (font – 24 pt.)

The next line – in capital letters indicate the name of the research work without the word “subject”, without quotes and without a dot at the end (28 pt. Font).

The name should not be long, “standard or beaten”, and, if possible, brief, intriguing. The title on the title page should correspond to the general content of the project and be interested in getting acquainted with the work.

The title, if necessary, may contain a subtitle for a more specific presentation of the theme of the project, but it should be very short and not become the second title of the work.

In the lower right corner of the title page, information about the author of the research work is given (last name, first name, class), below – information about the research leader (write “Manager” and indicate his surname, initials, and position.

At the very bottom of the title page in the center is indicated the place of the student’s research work: Kiev, on the next line, is the year of work – 2013 – without a dot, quotation marks, the words “year” or “g” (14 pt.).

So, the design of the title page of the research work, as well as the project is almost standard:

full name of the institution; title of research; student last name, class; surname, initials, the position of project manager; city ​​or town; year of work.

Some of the design details depend on the recommendations of the Ministry of Education and Science of your country and region. Proper design of all research work will help in the future correctly execute term papers and dissertations.

Presentation of the master’s dissertation

The speech should be designed for 7 minutes (the requirements of the university to make about 2-3 pages of text for protection). For the speech, it is necessary to prepare a presentation or handouts that will illustratively complement the speech. Do not forget to connect your speech with PowerPoint slides. Speech and materials presented in PowerPoint should be the same in meaning. Speak it, do not hurry.

In the design on the slides and handouts should not be errors and typos. Inaccurate presentation of slides, errors in the words in the PowerPoint program or handouts can significantly affect the assessment of the speaker.

On the title page in the PowerPoint program or in the handouts, the master should write the topic of the master’s thesis, as well as the name and initials of the undergraduate. It is necessary to indicate the surname and initials of the supervisor and the institution of higher education where the institution is held. If in the future you will speak at conferences, then on the title page you should also indicate the name of the conference, the training course, the magistracy, the university (institute) and the date of its holding.

Do not write on the slide one solid text. This will only complicate the report. If you present the text in the presentation or handouts, then follow the rule: you can do no more than 10 lines on the slide. The overload of materials with text may leave the impression that the undergraduate’s performance is poorly prepared. Each slide should have its own title, for example, “Future Economy”, “High Rating”, “Dissertation Council and Candidate Exam”, etc.

A common mistake of a candidate for a master’s degree is to read every slide. It is best of all if definitions, figures, graphs, tables, theorems or formulas are presented on the slide. The master student should simply explain their meaning, tell the methodology of their calculation and the method of compilation.

Slides should be switched at a speed of 1-2 minutes. For small graphs or drawings, switching two slides per minute is permissible.

Key definitions and their methodology presented on slides require special attention. On their explanation, you can stay longer.

When shown on table slides, it is necessary to explain what the columns correspond to, and what the lines correspond to. If in the master’s thesis new concepts, terms or designations were introduced, then when they are mentioned in the speech, their meaning and meaning should be disclosed. The report should exclude all long sentences. Rehearse at home, see which text is hard to pronounce and requires a long reading.