Which is easier: order an essay for a site or write it yourself

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Which is easier: order an essay for a site or write it yourself

Order an essay for the site

The question in the title torments many. Today we will try to answer it honestly and objectively. Is it difficult to write the text yourself? Or is it easier to order an article for the site?

What should be the text on the site

The site is not just a beautiful picture for a long time. It is from there that your business has customers, and therefore the income itself. Due to the oversupply of competitors in the Internet segments, all texts must meet certain criteria. About the first and talk.

The text must be selling. This is one of the fundamental rules in the work of the marketer – to be able to create such texting so that the user who reads them wants to purchase the product.

The text should be SEO-optimized. Ordering an article for a site means wanting to promote a site in search engines. For this and there is a whole direction in content marketing – SEO. Learn more about how to write an SEO article in one of our recent publications.

The article must comply with the canons of the genre. Are you writing the news? Or content on the landing page? Or a review article of your product? Each of these genres has its own rules of creation and they need to know.

There are more rules and professional copywriters know them by heart. No one stops you from trying to learn them yourself, but for now, it’s easier to order an article for a site than to write it yourself.

So, we talked about the criteria for a good text, but we still have to study the moment of the construction of the articles.

Introductory paragraph. Explain briefly what the text below contains. 95% of your readers will not even read this paragraph, so it’s worth thinking twice.

Numbered lists. Nobody will read the long letter, it’s better to put all the necessary information in points.

Findings. Be sure to answer the question at the end of the text.

Target action It is seldom introduced, but sometimes it is necessary. Especially in the case of landing pages.

Hence the conclusion: if you want to order an article for the site, it is better to do this with a preliminary full TK. To the copywriter was easier to work with information.

Tips on how to write the best dissertation

The thesis is not an easy job, if only because it should contain a new idea, a look at the scientific thoughts that have already been voiced in the scientific world. This should not be written off from the Internet, even from several sources, work, it should represent an independent scientific work that has scientific novelty and contributes to the area of ​​knowledge that was studied. It’s hard to find new ideas and set new tasks for what has been said before you. But, whatever the dissertation, it is simply necessary for students to write graduate school graduates. If you follow a number of rules and listen to sensible advice, then your scientific work will not become your nightmare.


Why is this question in the first place? Because how well you can cope with the task depends on this decision. You should not choose your leader as a professor who has a very tight work schedule, constant trips and very little free time. Such a person, of course, is very experienced and it would be nice to learn from him, but he simply cannot give you enough attention, and, as a result, the dissertation will be written much worse than if you had a less eminent teacher as a leader. But do not forget, the personal relationship between you must be at least neutral, you must feel respect for each other.


This choice should be made before writing a dissertation, guided by its basic specialty and work profile in a certain period of time.


The next item will be the study of the passport specialty. It is for him that the selected dissertation council makes reception of dissertations to the defense.


After analyzing the passport of the specialty, productive consultation with the supervisor, as well as teachers of your department, the object, and subject of research are determined. The object of research is called a certain part of that area of ​​science, studied by an applicant, in which processes and phenomena are not fully studied. The task of the thesis is the study of a part of an object, these can be: certain elements of an object, the study of their interrelation and influence on each other, and much more. That part of the object that is being investigated is called the subject of study.


After the applicant has chosen an object and subject of research, the relevance of the issues studied is examined, and the timeliness and necessity of their solution are also assessed.

How to make an outline for scientific research paper?

The basis of the proposed method for the outline of a research paper is the logic of writing a scientific article, which highlights the main elements that are universal for most scientific works.

Below is the most common scheduling algorithm for writing a scientific text.

Getting started, the author must answer a number of important questions:

What is the general problem of the study, what conclusions did previous researchers come to, what sources need to be studied, what is new to know and why, how to apply the results?

Answers to these questions allow the author to get an idea of ​​the upcoming work, build its overall concept, determine the object, subject, purpose, and hypothesis of the study.

The object of the study is a system, process or phenomenon, in which there is some problem. The object of study is an element of an object (a separate part or property), a carrier of the attributes of an object. The problem can be solved by studying the results of exposure to an object that is part of an object. The drawing helps to represent and remember the relationship between the subject and the object of study.

Further, the author formulates the goal.

For scientific research, the goal may be an experimental confirmation of new facts, data about the object, phenomenon, process; New interpretation of known data, systematization of existing ideas, new methods or approaches to research. The most important thing is the elements of new knowledge – they are the goal of any scientific work.

The following formula can be used to formulate a goal: research result + object of research + path to achieve a result. At the stage of goal-setting, it is possible to put forward a hypothesis – an intended solution to the problem posed. It is important that the hypothesis is tested by existing methods and contain the concepts existing in science.

The purpose of the study involves the definition of tasks – steps leading to the achievement of the goal. In general terms, the research objectives can be indicated as follows:

identification of the characteristic features of the phenomenon under study/clarification of the definition of concepts, development, and conduct of the experiment/systematization and analysis of the data obtained,

Proposed solutions to the problem and their argumentation/selection of conditions that provide an effective solution to the problem, check the proposed solution to the problem.

Each subsequent task is based on the results of the previous one. The tasks are conditional – depending on the specifics of the study, they may vary, some tasks may be missing.